There are so many treasures to unlock in the G Suite Marketplace. Whether you are looking for basic things like templates, looking to turn Sheets into a fully functional database for applications, or general productivity tools - there is something to help everyone's life a bit more efficient.

For marketing, there are a ton of tools to help both the new marketer and the industry vet.  Let's take a look at our 8 favorite add-on's below.

Search Analytics for Sheets

A Google Sheets add-on that allows you to request and backup data directly into any spreadsheet. With it, you can retrieve search analytics data like information about rankings, queries, landing pages, clicks and much more directly into a Google spreadsheet. You can also bypass the 90-day limitation in Search Analytics date range by automatically backing up the data for all your sites into Google spreadsheets and create both aggregated-data backups as well as grouped/filtered backups.


All 1000+ functions on Blockspring can now be run from Google Sheets. You'll be able to create interactive data visualizations, run algorithms, pull data from the web, automate tweets and emails, call APIs, and more. In a nutshell, you get the full power of programming from the comfort of a spreadsheet. For example, you can pull data from apps like Twitter, scrape websites with, get government info using Socrata, financial info using Quandl, all without leaving Google Sheets. Choose a data service like AdWords or FB Ads, select an update schedule, and watch your Google Sheets automatically stay up-to-date.


Supermetrics for Google Sheets is a powerful add-on that turns Google Sheets into a full-blown business reporting system for SEM, SEO, web analytics and social media. With this tool, you can get metrics from multiple sources into Google Sheets. They provide integrations for Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and dozens of other platforms. You can create professional-looking reports with pre-made templates, schedule automatic emailing as PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML, and give others access to your reports & dashboards.


With the XLMiner Analysis ToolPak Add-on, you can easily perform statistical analyses of the same types available in the Analysis ToolPak add-in that has been part of Microsoft Excel for over 20 years, and has been featured in large numbers of textbooks, videos, statistics courses and the like.  The add-on provides all 19 interactive functions included in the Excel Analysis ToolPak, plus a 20th function often requested by users, logistic regression.  Sidebar input fields and output on the spreadsheet will be very familiar to Excel Analysis ToolPak users.


Checkbot is a powerful website auditor that can crawl 100's of pages in minutes for SEO, speed and security problems: uncover broken links, duplicate titles, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure password forms, redirect chains, mixed content errors and more. Checkbot tests for 50+ SEO, speed and security best practices based on recommendations from web experts such as Google, Mozilla, W3C and OWASP.


Using BigML's REST API, this add-on brings the power of Machine Learning models and clusters to complete the missing information in your Google Spreadsheets. Use the BigML add-on to fill in the columns in your spreadsheets by predicting the missing values using existing BigML decision tree models and easily identify the predicted values and the associated confidence level of the prediction. For example, a spreadsheet containing customer information can be appended with the segment values sourced from a cluster model built on BigML.


Autocrat is a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take data from a spreadsheet and merge it into a document via a template.  Tell Autocrat which fields to merge via <<merge tags>> and then let Autocrat mass-generate personalized documents.  Optionally, you can send the documents as email attachments and tell Autocrat to run when new forms are submitted to created truly automated processes.

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