NYC has quickly become a hub for tech startups with it’s growing investment scene along with unparalleled access to legacy industries from finance to real estate.

Along with its legacy industries, New York is at the forefront of new business models and technologies for the workplace and how we work in general. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the top future of work companies that are actually headquartered in NYC. Note this means we aren’t looking at companies that have offices in New York but are HQ’d somewhere else — but that will be coming in a future edition.

How Did We Make The List?

We used Crunchbase Pro’s search feature for this list. First, we defined the categories for “future of work” which include — collaboration, collaborative consumption, document management, document preparation, productivity tools, real-time, product management, database, file sharing, content, freelance, peer to peer, outsourcing, content creators, and virtual workforce.

We then excluded all companies marked as closed, made the headquarters location NYC, and searched for founded after 1/1/2013. The way the list is sorted is by “CB Rank”. Crunchbase defines CB Rank as follows:

The Crunchbase Rank algorithm takes many signals into account including the number of connections a profile has, the level of community engagement, funding events, news articles, and acquisitions.

A company’s Rank is fluid and subject to rising and decaying over time with time-sensitive events. Events such as product launches, funding events, leadership changes, and news affect a company’s Crunchbase Rank.

We removed the startups that clearly aren’t related to future of work, and here we are — the top 50 future of work startups headquartered in NYC. Let’s take a look at 41 through 50.

50. Wrinkl

Total funding: $3,500,000

Wrinkl is a cloud-based group messaging platform that helps to streamline communication in business. Get all the pros of group messaging, without all the cons. Wrinkl allows you to distill what’s important, Act on your own timeline, save and file important conversations, and create a system of record.

49. Centrallo

Total funding: $1,500,000

Centrallo is a cross-platform productivity tool that helps individuals and teams take control, organize and share important information. In Centrallo, search is simple — retrieve anything you stored by typing a few characters into the search bar. You can also share lists with anyone, anywhere via email, or generate a public link.

48. DocDelta

Total funding: $535,000

DocDelta is a healthcare software and data company. They use data to enable companies to create authentic conversations with healthcare providers, executives, and stakeholders. Sales, Recruiting and Research teams at hospitals, medical service, and life science organizations trust DocDelta to help them generate new business, source new candidates and gain primary business intelligence.

They provide access to near the entire universe of prescribing clinical providers in the US. Including more than 7 million clinical and admin contacts at a quarter of a million healthcare organizations.

They make an ocean of healthcare data users with precise targeting by advanced filters like sub-specialty, claims data, drug brands, procedures, billing, EHR technologies, employment and education history, place of work and many others. Their data is regularly updated using a combination of automation and human verification.

47. Jop

Total funding: $2,500,000

A one-stop-shop for urban residents, Jop offers a variety of on-demand services in one convenient, easy-to-use platform. Customers can tap a screen and connect with a professional in their city, whether they are an expert at cleaning apartments, trimming mustaches, walking dogs, doing makeup, DJing, or mixing drinks. Instead of paying a company’s overhead, customers pay a Jopper. Once booked, Joppers arrive right at the customer’s doorstep, ready to work.

46. Upfluence

Total funding: $3,940,000

Upfluence offers influencer marketing software (SaaS). The platform enables brands and agencies worldwide to search influencers in any vertical, language, country on 7 different social media platforms; to contact them at scale through an included CRM tool; to manage several influencer marketing campaigns in parallel; to manage automatically all administrative tasks and especially international influencer payouts; and to analyze the KPIs of any campaigns or hashtags through social listening.


Total funding: $3,520,000

ALPHABETA brings together students, practitioners, and consumers in financial markets through unique immersive user experiences with a common vocabulary. Using a combination of real-world situations, flipped classroom methodology they provide an intuitive and immersive information visualization platform built on a game engine.

With multiple releases of the Guide and the impending launches of the League, the Sandbox (complete touchscreen-based modeling environment to crowd-source investment strategies) and the Assistant (connects wealth advisors to analysts and clients with compelling user experience) over the next year, ALPHABETA is set to create the future of financial professionals.

44. Bytez

Total funding: $150,000

Bytez is a computer software startup that helps developers and data scientists work faster. Its service allows researchers to access ranked data science research papers and machine learning architectures in Python. They have an ML feed that personalizes papers and feedback to your interests, tooling to digest ML papers comfortably, and a platform to dive into new fields and collaborate with other practitioners.

43. Kontor Inc

Total funding: $9,649,998

Kontor is the visual inspiration and workflow tool for commercial design professionals to develop ideas and select products. Similar to Houzz, they bring together projects, products, and designers contextually with one image-based platform, transforming a $140Bn commercial design industry.

They are a team of design-minded serial tech entrepreneurs based in NYC, founded by Kevin Ryan (Founder Chairman of Gilt Groupe, Zola, MongodB, Business Insider), Mia Lewin (an executive at eBay and Zazzle, Founder CEO of design/story) and Andy Parsons (Founder CTO of McKinsey Academy, (acquired by AOL).

Launched in Nov 2015, they’ve partnered with more than 500 of the world’s leading design firms — from industry giants (Studios, Perkins + Will, HOK, IA Interior Architects) to emerging talent (HomePolish, Bestor Architecture, Geremia Design) — and with more than 180 brands from the iconic (Herman Miller, Knoll, Fritz Hansen) to the new and unique (Tom Dixon, Heartwork, Secto).

42. APT212

Total funding: $1,000,000

APT212 is a NYC based startup providing services to both New York landlords seeking to rent their homes short term legally and for a minimum of 30 days, and guests looking for legal short term accommodation. APT212 Is a marketplace for furnished apartments, sublets and legal short term rentals servicing apartments throughout Manhattan neighborhoods. Their proprietary software enables renters and landlords to accept online bookings in real-time.

41. Verifcient Technologies

Total funding: $1,850,000

Verificient Technologies utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer visioning and biometrics for their Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) platform for identity verification and authentication. Over the last 5 years, they’ve been a leader in the industry to deliver continuous identity verification and digital remote monitoring. Weaving these advanced technologies together with user-centered design and award-winning customer service, their patented automated approach, pairs usability with accurate results and true scalability. Today, they’re serving a variety of markets, including Higher Education, HR and Recruitment, and Remote Labor-Force Management (virtual work at home agents).

40. Field Engineer

Total funding: $2,500,000

FieldEngineer is a global on-demand workforce for the telecom & system support industry. The platform enables businesses to hire engineers beyond their reach on-demand, on-budget. FE is a powerful platform designed to eliminate the hurdles of finding qualified talent on-demand worldwide. FE is proving to be an indispensable global marketplace.

With the rising demand of engineers into telecom sector for remote & freelance projects, FieldEngineer is paving the path towards technology that enables businesses to connect with the specific engineers. FieldEngineer, an acclaimed freelance marketplace platform is built to minimize the gap between third parties & engineers globally with rapid matching and real-time engineer tracking.

39. Source3 (exited)

Total funding: $4,000,000

Source3 is the world’s first platform for end-to-end management of intellectual property in user-generated content (UGC). They provide IP recognition, licensing and rights administration services to connect creators, marketplaces and brands and enable monetization of user content across physical and digital products. Their team has built successful licensing platforms powering digital music, user-generated videos and 3D printing. Source3 offers scalable, turn-key solutions for today’s global licensing challenges.

38. Time Study

Total funding: $1,450,000

A large portion of the roughly $300B in hospital administrative expenses can be attributed to complex requirements for Medicare reimbursement and grant regulators to track medical practitioners’​ time. The current solution for administrators is to manually gather data from over 100 different hospital stakeholders and to painstakingly calculate reports. The Time Study platform leverages machine learning, predictive analytics, and business rule engines to simplify the end-2-end process including time collection, validation, reporting, and insights with a few clicks. Time Study is implemented in over thirty hospitals within the largest health systems including NY-Presbyterian and Stanford saving time for over twenty thousand end users and avoiding millions in potential fines for non-compliance.

37. Croissant

Total funding: $125,000

Croissant is the clever new way to be productive on the go. They’ve partnered with over 500 workspaces in NYC, SF, London, and beyond, and bundled them into one membership. Members love the flexibility and versatility of Croissant because they can explore their city while staying productive.

36. Dovetale

Total funding: $500,000

Dovetale provides productivity tools to brands and agencies to manage, measure, and pay influencers primarily for branded content. These products are built on the backbone of machine learning and image recognition to save brands time and money without sacrificing quality.

35. Splice

Total funding: $104,749,998

Splice designs and develops a technology platform for music creators streamlines the fragmented process of creating and sharing music. It also provides artists with means to connect with fans and other artists to solicit feedback throughout every step of the process. Over a million musicians use Splice to find sounds, get gear, and connect with one another.

34. Betaworks Studios

Total funding: $7,850,000

Betaworks Studios is a new membership club for individuals looking to make a dent in the universe. Studios is your space to meet, scheme, get advice, collaborate, do a little bit of work, attend events, and host events. For 10 years betaworks has been working and networking — building companies, running accelerators, investing in talent — and now they’ve opened their doors to the public.

33. Canopy

Total funding: $4,500,000

Canopy uses on-device machine learning to discover sights, sounds, and stories to inspire your life. The company is taking a new approach to personalized discovery that doesn’t require knowing every action you take or every preference you have. Your personal data stays on your phone, in your hands. Canopy’s app looks at things you like — songs you’ve played, places you’ve explored, articles you’ve read and loved — and makes a summary of your tastes which can’t be reverse-engineered to identify you or your personal preferences. Nothing but this unidentifiable summary leaves your phone.

Canopy uses this anonymized summary, along with other anonymized summaries, as a roadmap to find content you’ll enjoy. We then share these picks back to you in your app each day.

32. Insense

Total funding: $1,390,000

By leveraging the time and cost efficiencies that Insense facilitates, Insense’s clients are able to accelerate the pace of content creation campaign deployment and asset delivery. In 2018, Insense has helped clients create 8700+ mobile-first vertical videos, stories, and static images, and to deploy these seamlessly through Facebook and Snap Ads Managers. Through a network comprised of hundreds of creators (searchable by a range of criteria), AI-powered tech and by managing all content usage rights and creator payments, Insense allows advertisers to focus more on fast content delivery with high ROI in paid, and less on administrative tasks.

31. Verdocs

Total funding: $3,400,000

Verdocs is an investor backed, early stage technology startup that offers a unique and highly scalable platform for digital document management and eSignature solutions. Verdocs enables companies to use digital documents to accelerate their internal processes and transactions with clients and customers. A favorite in the real estate industry they work with large clients like Spire, Highline Residential, and Corcoran.

30. Mosaic

Total funding: $2,500,000

Mosaic was created for busy teams with lots of projects. All your essential project management features, powered by an automation engine. Mosaic transforms how you manage work and the team. Built to be so intuitive that teams can dive right in.

29. Altru

Total funding: $1,400,000

Altru’s mobile-first platform allows your company to create authentic content at scale, from your most powerful asset: your employees. Today’s candidates need a personalized digital experience. Attract, convert, and retain through Altru. Altru transforms the way you create content, market your company’s employer brand and personalize the candidate experience: all through your employees.

28. Industrious

Total funding: $222,000,000

Industrious is a premium workplace platform, blending five-star service, and stunning design to provide an unparalleled workplace experience for established professionals.

Founded in 2013 by Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart, the company provides members with stunning offices, inviting hospitality, and inspiring communities. By transforming real estate into a personal, elegant and high-quality experience, Industrious built the concept of co-working into a scalable platform for businesses of all sizes. Industrious has more than 20 locations across the country.

27. AND CO

Total funding: $2,500,000

AND CO is a smart back office for freelancers. Their smartphone-based application enables its users to create invoices, file expenses, and manage projects. The application creates its users' invoices for them, tracks their payments, and keeps track of their billing schedules. It also connects with its clients’ business bank accounts to automatically track, reconcile, and categorize their expenses. AND CO facilitates a portfolio of services such as serving as a personal chief operator, simplifying tax time and invoicing, and the provision of automated expense tracking and day-to-day advice on deductions.

26. Bellhop

Total funding: $450,000

Bellhop combines the major ride-sharing apps into one, giving you the freedom to find the best ride at the best price. Bellhop is the world’s leading rideshare aggregator.


Total funding: $4,900,000

Frame automatically tracks trending themes, relationship health, high-impact moments, and level of effort anywhere you talk to customers. Analyze patterns and create alerts that help your teammates prioritize their time. helps clients understand and act on customer conversations everywhere they happen with integrated cleanup, analysis, reporting, and alerting based on what customers are actually saying in chats and email

24. Keeeb

Total funding: $7,788,919

Enterprise Intelligence — the ability to acquire and apply aggregate knowledge and skills within and across organizations — informs better decisions, drives exploration, and illuminates new possibilities. Keeeb exists to accelerate commercial, social, and personal progress by unleashing enterprise intelligence. The Enterprise Intelligence Platform (IP) raises productivity and scales the impact and commercial potential of intelligence by engaging employees and customers with relevant knowledge and skills when and where they need it. Keeeb’s vision is to create a ubiquitous augmented intelligence network connecting knowledge to need everywhere people work.

23. Roam International

Total funding: $3,400,000

Roam is a coliving and coworking community testing the boundaries between work, travel, and life adventure. It also provides communal living spaces around the world. The company provides everything from redundant fiber lines to multiple providers, Cisco Meraki gear, universal power outlets, and Eames aluminum office chairs. They provide sheets, towels, and all the other little things you need to feel at home like a media center, pool, shared kitchen, and event space.

22. Quadrant

Total funding: $818,000

Quadrant provides an online platform that helps users to find charts and share economic data in a faster and more convenient way. The platform helps financial professionals to find desired data within a short span of time from a huge database of indicators. It also makes it simple to visualize, compare, export and share this data according to their need.

21. Alpha

Total funding: $14,639,204

Alpha’s on-demand insights platform empowers clients to rapidly accelerate experimentation, inform business decisions with customer wants and needs, deliver and scale agile research capabilities, and develop better products faster. By integrating traditionally manual tasks like audience sourcing, concept designing, test scripting, and data reporting, the platform accelerates time-to-insight from months to hours. One of their taglines is that they’re the fastest way for companies to learn more about their future customers.

20. Ask Lorem

Total funding: $3,600,000

Lorem is an on-demand freelance marketplace that connects non-technical business owners with high-quality web developers and designers in less than 10 minutes. Their goal is to empower the modern-day business owner to succeed and enable freelance as the Future of Work with our global network of experts.

So that does it for 11–20. If you loved the list so far make sure to follow our blog, as we’ll be adding the next installments daily. We’ll also be adding tons of resources and commentary over the next few weeks on everything from the future of work to growth hacks and automation.

Total funding: $1,025,000

Blink is a platform that connects the world’s best storytellers to companies that have a story to tell. Boasting an extensive network of photographers, photojournalists, documentary filmmakers, writers, editors and producers, Blink can connect you with storytellers with a range of skill sets available in 180 countries in real-time.

One service that Blink offers is Concierge which helps teams to create impactful visuals at scale. They handle all creative, production and commissions by leveraging their global network of contracted freelancers.

18. AllWork

Total funding: $3,300,000

AllWork helps companies more efficiently create and manage their temporary/flexible workforces. They are disrupting the $130 billion antiquated temporary staffing industry by delivering one easy to use data, software and payments platform that allows companies to source, budget, schedule, manage time and attendance, report, communicate, train and pay their talent with less friction and at a significantly lower cost.

17. Process Street

Total funding: $1,358,000

Process Street is a SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API driven workflows. The easiest way to document, track, automate and optimize customer-centric processes, they help sales and customer success teams drive revenue and reduce churn.

16. Wethos

Total funding: $4,635,000

Wethos deploys responsive teams to help meaningful brands adapt and stay competitive in a fast-paced world. Through its proprietary tech platform, Wethos quickly curates flexible teams of vetted creative and marketing specialists to solve rapidly-evolving problems. With a workforce that’s increasingly remote, agile, diverse, and craving purpose, Wethos operates in a collaborative future — one where people can come together to accelerate social and economic progress at 100x the speed they do today.

15. CafeX Communications

Total funding: $49,540,450

CaféX is an award-winning provider of one-click collaboration solutions to help enterprises enhance team productivity and customer engagement within digital channels. Trusted by top global banks and other leading brands, CaféX empowers employees and guests to work together securely without friction from virtually anywhere using their preferred devices and tools.

14. Workframe

Total funding: $17,149,998

Workframe is the only workflow optimization solution purpose-built for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Their intuitive, web-based software application helps large corporate tenants, landlords, brokers, and service providers gain unprecedented visibility into their workflow, and presents them with actionable data that can be leveraged to drive efficiency and cost savings.

13. Clause

Total funding: $6,293,179

Contracts sit at the heart of all organizations. When managed correctly they can be your business’s biggest asset, but that management is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. Clause takes that pain away by changing contracts from static documents to a dynamic, integrated, part of your business. Using Clause, you can connect contracts to your existing tools so that you can automate business processes and contract management — all from one powerful platform.

12. B12

Total funding: $12,400,000

B12 offers a human-assisted A.I. approach to build, manage, and optimize beautiful and professional websites. The company helps people work smarter, starting with helping businesses build, and manage professional websites. Its human-assisted AI platform organizes people and technology in a way that enables customers to benefit from a high-quality, optimized website at a fraction of the cost and time commitment.

11. Slidebean

Total funding: $962,500

Slidebean is a free web-based presentation tool that lets users create powerful presentations with just a few clicks. By separating the content creation from the slide design, Slidebean allows users to focus on what matters most while taking care of everything else automatically. The presentation software was released on Q2 2014 and deemed by TheNextWeb as Instagram for presentations. With over 7,000 presentations delivered so far, Slidebean seeks to become the most efficient alternative to traditional software like PowerPoint, as well as a new standard in presentation design.

10. Taskade

Total funding: $5,150,000

Taskade is the unified workspace for distributed teams. Chat, write, and get work done. Taskade helps teams stay competitive in the modern work environment by cutting down the friction in planning, decision making, so teams can focus on doing.

9. Flip

Total funding: $7,300,000

Sublet, get out of your lease or find a flexible place to live. Flip is the easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease, and it’s 100% free for listers. While more of a future of living startup, the future of work is all about working where and when you want, and Flip certainly helps with that.

8. Amenity Analytics

Total funding: $25,600,000

Amenity Analytics has built a leading-edge text analytics platform that allows customers to identify actionable signals from unstructured data. Using their offering business professionals can extract insights from today’s information overload.

7. Onna

Total funding: $16,000,000

Onna is a central point for enterprises’ most common information platforms (like Confluence, Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, Drive or Dropbox). The company helps organizations collect and preserve data in a defensible manner for Preservation, Knowledge Management, eDiscovery, GDPR, Enterprise Search, and Information Governance. Their advanced search queries together with their recommendation system make the job of finding an easy task.

6. AirHelp

Total funding: $12,221,000

AirHelp is an online legal service that helps air passengers get compensation from airlines when their flight gets canceled, delayed, or overbooked. Passengers can access the service via its official Facebook page or its mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

AirHelp takes care of all the paperwork and legal communications with the airline on behalf of the passengers and claims 25% of the compensation obtained as its service fee. The compensation amount varies between $170 to $650 based on the distance flown by the flight and the duration of the delay experienced by the passenger at the final destination.

5. Hive

Total funding: $16,000,000

Hive is a productivity platform that drives companies to work forward. Their productivity platform powers the fast pace at companies like Starbucks, Uber, IBM, and Netflix, and they are passionate about changing how people work and communicate. Hive aims to improve workplace productivity for companies of all types and sizes.

4. Common Living

Total funding: $63,350,000

Common Living is a community-driven residential company that brings community, convenience, and flexibility to housing. The company’s homes give people all parts of coliving, affordable rent, beautiful spaces, friendly people, reducing the hassle. The company operates collaboratively and value self-startership to ensure the work is done well.

3. The Wing

Total funding: $117,500,000

The Wing is a network of work and community spaces designed for women with locations in New York, California, and Washington, D.C. The Wing’s mission is the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through the community.

2. Thrive Global

Total funding: $50,000,000

Founded and led by Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global is a corporate and consumer well­-being and productivity platform aimed at changing the way we work and live. Thrive Global’s mission is to end the epidemic of stress and burnout by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance both well-being and performance. Thrive Global’s three interconnected core components are: corporate trainings and workshops that bring the latest strategies and tools around health and well-being to organizations; a media platform that serves as the global hub for the conversation about well-being and performance, with an emphasis on action; and an e-commerce platform that offers a curated selection of the best technology and products for well-being.

1. Clubhouse Software

Total Funding: $41,000,000

Clubhouse Software is a project management platform that provides the balance of simplicity and structure so software teams can be happier, less stressed, and can easily collaborate with anyone in their organization to focus on working together to build products that customers love. Clubhouse Software’s mission is to ensure software development teams can do their best work. So they created Clubhouse to provide the most intuitive and enjoyable project management platform teams actually want to use, from project planning to product creation.

So that does it for the list! If you loved the countdown make sure to follow our blog, as we’ll be adding tons of resources and commentary over the next few weeks on everything from the future of work to growth hacks and automation.

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